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Air Cargo

When you talk of Air Freight urgency, nature of the goods involved and security are some of the key factors because your goods are as important as you. Either for the first or a thousandth time, you always need experienced logistics personnel for a perfect shipping experience always. Now, a perfect shipping experience is 

Triple A Logistics and Freight is that shipping partner. We offer Air Freight services from the UK, Turkey, China and Dubai to Kenya with a core aim of meeting customer demands in matters deadlines and handling of the goods. Which thus is only possible because of our longevity in the logistics business and trust from our clients

Sea Cargo

As Triple A Freight and Logistics we help our clients have their cargo maneuver to Kenya from the UK and other destinations with zero worries from their side. Yes zero worries because we also help them in matters customs clearance so they do not fall into the hands of unscrupulous brokers and also have their time saved.

Through the whole process of collecting the goods from the supplier’s warehouse to the client’s destination, we have been reliable all through our years of work.

sea freight-

Road Freight

Road freight can be very efficient for transport within short distance. And the most important bit is the ability to access even remote areas and is less costly. Furthermore provides for lesser damage of goods on transit.

The biggest problem then is reliability of logistics experts especially in matters cost and flexibility. As Triple A Logistics reliability from the customer end has always been a pillar to how we work.

Online Shopping

These days online retailers prove to be the best option in matters shopping because of diverse buying options and ease to get what one needs just by a search through the internet. However shipping rates have been high thus hampering the whole process and going back to the bizarre of having to walk from shop to shop, stall to stall looking for best deals is overwhelming.

As Triple A Logistics and Freight we can help make shipping from the UK, UAE, Germany, Turkey and China to Kenya convenient for you. So the next time you shop online from retailers like Amazon you can append  our UK address in the check out.

online shopping
clearing and forwarding

Customs Clearance

We provide clearing and forwarding services with duties like creating an invoice for international shipping, making arrangements for the shipment pickup and cargo delivery reports, arranging and coordinating customs for attaching warehousing and completing all documentation work required for shipment.

We have well established relationship with shipping lines so that once the shipment is with us, the shipper relies on us for timely shipping and safe delivery of the cargo.

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